Best Exercises to Burn Extra Fat


When you look into mirror daily and your reflection disgust you then there might be some problem with your physic. Too much extra fat on your body can spoil your personality. In this article we are going to discuss best exercises and work outs that are really helpful and can solve your extra fat problem.

Diet plays a key role in controlling your BMI (body mass index). First of all maintain your caloric intake and then go for the next step. First of all warm yourself before doing any kind of exercise. Some best exercises that can burn fat are;

  • Chin ups

After warming up your body and do chin ups. Grab the bar on which you are going to do chin ups. Pull your body up by using your biceps muscles. This exercise is for upper body and its burns the extra fat around your shoulders.  Do 3 Sets in the early days of your workout and then you can increase the number day by day.

  • Kettle bell swing

Kettle bell swing is another best exercise which burns more calories. This exercise strengthens the muscles around your quads and gluteal region. Repeat this swing 5 -10 times in the early days.

  • Push ups

Push up is one the best exercise for chest muscles including pectoralis major and minor muscle. If you want to make your pectoralis muscle more strong then repeat 2 sets of 20-30 push ups daily. This also burns extra fat from your upper body.

  • Rope jump

Jumping a rope can make many muscles strong and it can also burn several calories. 50 to 70 skips per minute can burn almost 12 calories per minute. Always try to do moderate jumping to avoid the risk of muscle strain and sprain.

  • Leg Curls 

You can make your hamstrings strong by doing leg curls. Make yourself in a prone position on the machine and flex your knee joint. Make sure the pad of the machine is on the proper place. Repeat this exercise many times, this will burn more calories.

  • Leg press Exercise


Leg press exercise is best done with a machine. Sit down on the machine and place your legs on the desired place. Avoid locking of your knee while doing this exercise. Press your leg against the bar of machine and repeat this exercise again and again. This will make your leg muscles strong and removes extra fat as well.

  • Dumbbell Curls

Another fat burning exercise is dumbbell curls. Take dumbbells in your both hands while standing and start curling in such a way that your biceps muscle contract. Do 3 sets of 10 respiration. This burns extra calories and make biceps more strong.

These were some exercises by doing them you can burn a massive amount of extra fat from your body.  It’s all about the fair determination and courage. Control your diet and start doing these exercises and make yourself more healthy and attractive.


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