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Diabetes Diet Plan Best For Them | Diet and Blood Glucose Levels


Diabetes is a disorder of your endocrine system. If your insulin level gets disturbed you suffer from diabetes. Today we’re going to be discussing how to improve your diet after a diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus. These strategies are not just for those with diabetes. I encourage everyone to apply these types of their diet everyday. Let’s get started with this beneficial topic of diabetes diet plan:

First thing that’s what I remember is to monitor the amount of carbohydrates you eat. That way you’re able to control your blood glucose levels. So what is a carbohydrate? Carbohydrates are one of the major components of our diet. Ideally carbohydrates should be 60 to 70% of our diet. Carbohydrates are found in pasta and other starchy things like potatoes, corn, legumes, beans and peas. Carbohydrates are also found in them. Foods and drinks like fruit and milk and yogurt as well as sugar, sweet pepper jets grape juice so campy and of course any sweet desserts.

So the type of data to be emphasizing today is the Mediterranean style diet. Huge amounts of research that showed wonderful better fit in improving cardiovascular health and also increasing. What sensitivity which is necessary for someone with type 2 diabetes? The Mediterranean style diet is regional seasonal fruits and vegetables whole grains are healthy fats like fish, nuts and avocados. And then it’s going to be at moderate amounts cheese and dairy products like milk and yogurt. It’s going to be moderate amounts lean protein intake and then just minimal amounts of red meat. So if you noticed over here still there are carbohydrates in the Mediterranean style diet and this is where cart counting comes into play. Drink at meal time and for sex so what I have done here as I portioned out the carbohydrate containing suits into one cart serving. So what does that mean?

Well 15 grams of carbohydrates equals one carb serving. So let’s take a piece of bread for instance. This piece of bread contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates so we’ll say one carb per serving. Now if you recommend this carb serving for breakfast. Then you wouldn’t limit your carbohydrate intake just 30 grams that practice. The American diabetes association recommends a good starting point as 3 to 5 carb servings per meal that would be a sandwich made out of 2 slices of bread. Along with a bunch of snot starchy vegetables and the small side of Fritz and there you go. You have 3 carb servings. What I’m going to do today is coming to show you how to make posts about it this time.

So I’m going to take a little over one Cup. Now grab some tomatoes and a radish. So we call them freeze it and you can pretty much eat. I always love adding a salad to any meal. We’re going to slice up some but that’s radish. Fill it with really healthy fats. It’s really great for your brain health and stability. It raises your good cholesterol at your HDL cholesterol. Remember we have two types of cholesterol in our body one is LDL and other is HDL. HDL lipids are good for our health. Remember this thing in your diabetes diet plan.

We’re going to eat salad dressings in diabetes diet plan. It’s really just one tablespoon of olive oil. You can buy salad dressing in the grocery store but it’s probably more expensive and if you get a lot of fat version but it’s going to be high in sugar. I think it would have made it’s usually better anyway. I’m also going to add Salmon filet. So there you go. Now this meal actually does not have any carbohydrates.

It does not even have a full one cart serving so if you want head carbohydrates this meal you could eat. Sweet potato which is about 15 grams of carbohydrates you could add one Cup of strawberries. About fruits there are some that are higher carbohydrates and others for instance berries are going to have the lowest amount of carbohydrates. Well that’s great start but higher and so on and so one carb serving up banana it’s going to be a banana. And then afford one small apple is going to be one carb serving so if you have a Big Apple you’re probably going to want to cut it to monitor your carbohydrate intake.

So remember when you’re trying to make a lifestyle change. It’s not that difficult. Look at all the wonderful that you got. All you have to do is make sure what you’re eating. Nutrient rich spirits are high. Things that are going to fill you up and keep you satisfied they’re also going to improve your health. Just make you feel better so when you’re adjusting your diet to control your blood glucose levels are your blood sugar levels gotten carbohydrate and high in that’s healthy fats like olive oil avocados Sam. It’s going to take a little bit more preparation but I know you can do it so you know. Enjoy happy eating!

Take care of your blood glucose levels and control your diabetes diet plan according to that.


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