Dry Mouth Can Lead to Lots of Problems | Do Not Let it Dry


You will be surprised to listen about this topic that how dry mouth can lead to a lot of problems in your life. First of all I would like to mention that what actually the dry mouth is? Basically it is a medical condition which is also known as Xerostomia which is a condition in which the salivary glands which are present all over the mouth do not make enough saliva leading to condition Xerostomia. A large number of saliva is produced every minute in your mouth to keep the normal flora of the mouth.

Saliva is a watery material which has a lot of important functions to do. One is that saliva maintains the normal pH of your mouth. It also prevents your tooth decay. It also increases the ability taste and make a bolus which is really easy to swallow. Secondly they contain a great number of important enzymes like amylase which is important in digesting your carbohydrates. Coming back to the topic I would like to mention some important tricks and tips to keep your mouth wet because when your mouth is dry this can lead to certain medical conditions.

Discussion (Dry Mouth):

Increase your water intake. Drink water as much as you can. I would recommend sugar free drinks because it contains a large amount of water in it but it does not provide you a moisturizing effect. So increase pure water intake and avoid sugary drinks.

The other important tip is about your breathing. Try to breathe from your nostrils. Our body contains two important passages to breathe. Try to breathe from your nostrils because when air passes through your mouth again and again it makes your mouth dry and it can lead to a lot of problems like Xerostomia. If you are having problem during breathing with your nostrils then you definitely have a problem of snoring during sleep. Consult your ENT specialist for this problem. But in normal routine, try to respire through your nostrils.

Do not use mouth wash which contain a large amount of alcohol in it. There are certain products available in markets which instead of giving you a healthy and beneficial effect they can spoil the normal Flora of your mouth. Avoid excessive intake of caffeine as well.

The last tip is to use a toothpaste which contains fluoride because your tooth hygiene is very important for your mouth, if you are having any problem with your teeth you can also lead to condition dry mouth (xerostomia). So keep your teeth clean by using fluoride toothpaste.

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