High blood Pressure during Pregnancy | Discussion


Step wise approach is needed in maintaining blood pressure during pregnancy. High blood pressure (Hypertension) during pregnancy may belong to one of these three important categories:
Pregnancy induced hypertension

Rise in blood pressure after 20 weeks of gestation which cures spontaneously after the delivery. This is gestational increase in blood pressure during pregnancy. I would like to define these three terms so that you may able to understand rest of the discussion.

Pregnancy induced hypertension(PIH): Gestational hypertension with raised blood pressure as the sole clinical feature. There are no other associated signs with this.

Pre-eclampsia: Pregnancy induced hypertension in association with proteinuria and virtually any organ system involvement.

Eclampsia: Occurrence of one or more convulsions(fits) superimposed on pre-eclampsia. This condition is called Eclampsia.

What are the causes of High blood pressure in pregnancy?

There are several causes of high blood pressure during pregnancy. They include:

Smoking and alcohol
First pregnancy in life
Old age
Genetic causes etc

Common complications of High blood pressure in pregnancy:


Raised blood pressure can cause serious troubles in pregnancy. It can equally affect mother and featus. Systems most commonly affected by high blood pressure are;
GFR is reduced
Proteinuria (protein in urine)
Hyperuricaemia and occasionally oliguria

Elevated Aspartate Transaminase with or without
epigastric and right upper quadrant pain

Transient visual scotomata due to
occipital lobe ischemia, severe headaches and rarely convulsions

It is manifested by intrauterine fetal growth retardation and less
commonly placental abruption or fetal death inside mother

How blood pressure is controlled during pregnancy?

The frequency of surveillance is adjusted according to the patients condition. To keep BP within the normal values is very important for mother and baby. Some medicines which are used to maintain blood pressure during pregnancy are:
(Direct vasodilator)
(ca channnel blocker)
These areemergency hypertensives which are used. The safe drugs which you can use during pregnancy are;
Beta blockers
Some of the drugs like ACE inhibitors and Diuretics are contraindicated in pregnancy.
Note: Do not use any drug without the prescription of a Doctor.



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