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The mystical power of Yoga or union with the spiritual forces is bound to touch your life at some point in time. In spite of opposition that might call yoga a form of witchcraft, science has enough evidence to vouch for it’s healthy, healing powers of body, mind, and soul, the holy trinity that always propels us towards the point of no return bound to overtake us all. We could make the best use of the present moment in our transient lives and aim for success in professional and family spheres to leave that indelible mark upon the society and the family to be remembered for generations to come just like the Egyptians and their pyramids.

The initial impact of yoga would be the control over the body and limbs and a deep sense of satisfaction with the peace that descends upon the mind. The book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda may light up the profound halo that surrounds the term yoga but Baba Ramdev our contemporary appears live on television to demonstrate the mesmerizing range of twisted body postures that yoga primarily represents.

So, get down to yoga practice after you select a quiet corner without costly equipment to invest in though some training through a teacher would reinforce your practice. Learning yoga online could be cumbersome and deceptive since you gain no feedback for your efforts. A yoga retreat at a peaceful location like a valley or out in the forest would provide the oasis we all need to temper our supercharged lives of endless media, job responsibilities, litigation, rivalry, and malpractice.

Dynamic Benefits Of Yoga Practice:

• A sense of freedom descends from day one as if you have finally broken free from the chains that bind you harshly to the mundane world. While you may be laboring with your limbs and muscles to get into multiple positions, the mind is getting liberated from the travails of existence.

• Stress is recognized as the modern killer that reaches you to psychiatric wards and robs the peaceful sleep so necessary to life. Yoga de-stresses and how! The stresses of decades would vanish within weeks of regular yoga practice. The peace that replaces it is truly unique and may lead to mistaken assumptions about a suspected devilish nature.

• After muscles and nerves have rested, you are charged with a new stamina, mental alertness and decision-making power, an all-conquering creativity that can take on the most challenging tasks. Would you rather pine away with all that baggage in the mind or let go with the system of yoga? Trust in the spiritual since yoga believes in divine origins but is also scientifically proved to be efficacious for building good health.

• The modern sedentary lifestyle of endless television and car driving with minimum exercise results in little monsters that work but cannot think with clarity or feel effectively. Nature is absent from the urban scenario except in paintings and photographs that decorate the living room walls. Yoga reverses all that negative impact and makes you human again. Your senses come alive with a new radiance, and you see and hear, think and feel like never before. A new consciousness is being born that will take you places you have never visited before.

• Improved health is certain, and tensions are a thing of the past. The body not only feels healthy but is regaining the health that was destroyed by pollution and stress. A new confidence is descending, and doubts vanish as we experience a dashing new positive outlook. Memory improves as yoga breathes new life into the brain and gradually all over the physical being.

• Fatigue, insomnia, and trauma are helped by the tremendous healing power of yoga basically due to the de-stressing and deep relaxation effect.

• Work performance just got better very soon after you take to the age old wonder practice of yoga that has existed since times immemorial in eastern cultures like India and has only recently caught the interest of western civilization. Negative thoughts in materialistic societies may revolve around the fact that little expense is required except a chart to depict the various positions and a place to practice besides the crucial willingness, though.

Are you willing to believe that exotic practices like yoga have the power to open up the third eye that sees the mysteries that lie beyond our existence? Or that yoga could push you along the path towards enlightenment? What about those fanatics who devote their entire lives to the pursuit of yoga practice, teaching and practicing the mission? Do they deserve to be enlightened?

Different Manifestations Of Yoga Postures:

While you have made a simple beginning with warm-up exercises, some theoretical introductions, demonstrations by the teacher and the core postures, like Pranayama, challenging positions remain to be learned. The primary positions are quickly learned though some may experience pain in getting into them. Squatting on the ground in a cross-legged position perhaps with cushion support is the only possibility, and some aged, or sick people are unable to accomplish that. Discipline automatically happens as you get under the spell amidst a haunting silence except for the voice of the teacher relaying instructions or maybe following the screen or listening to the DVD.

Hatha yoga is one of those postures that has the power to relieve back and neck pain since the pose stretches and strengthens back and neck muscles.

Rigorous yoga practices may be too awe inspiring for the novice but witnessing them may charge you with the desire to perform it for yourself. Bikram, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa yoga are some of those concentrated forms that include a variety of postures that you rapidly change, always requiring fast motion between positions. The beneficial impact would be core strengthening as a result of intensive cardio-vascular exercise.

Avoid escapist thinking in the mistaken belief that simpler procedures exist by way of exercise. Yoga is something beyond mere use and represents a vibrant philosophy of life proved down the ages for the ultimate realization of God. Even science has sweet things to say for yoga practiced by many followers the world over.

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