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Lower Back Pain | Causes, Remedies and Treatment


Lower back pain is one the most common complaints of students and young people. Its risk is increasing day by day and studies suggest that around 65% of the world adults will experience at least one disabling episode in their lives due to back pain. Point which is important for all of you is understanding the back pain, causes and treatment of back pain.

What is Lower Back Pain?

Any pain in the back which is characterized by dull and continuous pain or tenderness in the lower lumbar, lumbo-sacral or sacroiliac regions. Sometimes this pain is referred to the legs following the distribution of the sciatic nerve present at the back of your thighs.

What are the causes of Back pain in young and old people?

Causes of back pain is one of the important topic. Lower back pain is caused by many causes.Its incidence and cause is different in different age groups. Lets discuss some causes:

Uncomplicated causes of Lower back pain:
These are the causes which are the result of our day to day activities or any trauma. Many students and other office workers work for many hours by siting in a bad posture . This can cause serious complication in any age group. Some causes of this back pain are;
Injury to Muscles and ligament of back
Muscle strain
Muscle sprain
Any contusion
Complicated Causes of Lower back pain:
These causes are result of certain diseases like;
Osteoarthritis in which there is loss of articular cartilage ,Osteophyte formation and Articular surface irregularity occur.
Degenerative Disc Disease is another complicated cause of back pain in which there is Weakening of the fibrous outer ring of an inter vertebral disc.

What are remedies and treatment of Lower back pain?

Lower back pain can be managed by two ways. one is by conservative and other is through medications.
Exercise can be very beneficial for mild to moderate back pain, but if you have severe back pain be very careful, and don’t do too much, this can make your pain more worse. Some exercises which are very helpful in managing lower back pain are;
Aerobic exercises
Yoga and Pilates
Osteopathy and Chiropractic

NSAIDs , COX-2 inhibitors and opiods are certain medicines used in treatment of lower back pain. Apart from this always keep caring about your postures. A suitable postures for any kind of work you do, can prevent you from serious back ache problems.

Note: Do not take any medicine without the prescription of a Doctor.

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