Remove Teeth Stains in the Natural Way


Enamel, the hard white (hopefully!) coating on your teeth is tough stuff. However, just like the softest of silk fabrics it is porous. It has thousands of tiny little holes per tooth that allow pigments and colors, even from natural foods like spinach or beets, infiltrate it. These pigments discolor and stain the teeth making them appear dull or even dirty.

There’s plenty you can do to prevent or limit the buildup of stains. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and after meals and floss regularly. Keep dental appointments – no-one’s advice can compare to that of the experts. Don’t smoke – a no brainer on so many levels and avoid food and drinks that may cause staining like coffee, tea, red wine, spinach, orange juice, berries…OK! We’re not about to stop eating and drinking so let’s think about removing the stains and whitening teeth.

Teeth whitening and removing stains
Toothpaste, flossing and mouthwash certainly help keep bacteria at bay but they are not the most effective way to remove stains and whiten your teeth. Some people absolutely swear that baking soda makes their teeth white. Although this can be a cheap method of health the results aren’t going to be dramatic and have you ever tasted baking soda? Let’s just say, it’s not a fresh or minty experience. Baking soda does make your teeth feel clean and does no harm to tooth enamel but it can be abrasive on the delicate gum area so this old product remedy should, like all others, be used with care.

Choosing your products
Which method you choose for teeth whitening depends on your lifestyle and budget. The most effective but most expensive product option is a professional health treatment available from your dentist or dental hygienist. Of course this health option doesn’t only depend on your having the finances at your disposal but also time to schedule the appointments needed to keep your teeth at their very whitest. Alternatively, there are booths and kiosks located in beauty salons and department stores that you can visit that specialize in teeth. These are less expensive and have effective health procedures but again you have to work teeth appointments into your schedule.

Most drug stores offer a great range of teeth whitening products. More health products and health options along with the expertise you need to choose the very best health solution for you is available online. Take just a little time researching product and you’re sure to be able to find a teeth product or health method that suits your preferences for taste, texture and time the health process takes. Reduce the number and cost of visits to the salon or dentist or increase the space of time between applications of a home use health solution by using good health products in between visits. Use a teeth tooth paste twice a day, every day to get the best out of whichever health products you choose and the most out of your smile.

Have a healthy life!


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