Top 5 Nutritious Foods for Fat People


Obesity is one the most important causes of certain diseases. Sedentary life style is increasing day by day in the modern era. Fat people are really concerned about their diet. Top 5 foods which are Nutritious and beneficial for obese people are:

1- Salads and Fruits

Top 5 Nutritious Foods for Fat PeopleFruits and salads comes on the top of the list when somebody wants to controls his/her weight. Avocados is one of the most important fruit. Although it contains a large amount of fat in it. But this fat is not a bad fat ,its a good. It also provides a good glycemic control in diabetic people. Other then Avocados some beneficial Fruits and vegetables used in salads are:
All of these items have lots of health benefits in obese people.

2- Increase Your Water Intake


Drink water as much as you can. Drink a full glass of water 1 hour before meal. This will reduce hunger and prevents you from overeating. Other beverages like Sweet tea, Soda and Alcohol contain a high amount of fat in them. They can increase obesity. Keep yourself away from them.

3-Cinnamon for fat People

Top 5 Nutritious Foods for Fat People

Cinnamon can help reduce obesity. Add a little amount of cinnamon to a cup of tea and take it. This has an amazing effect of the abdominal obesity. You can easily reduce your belly fat by using cinnamon in a cup of tea.

4- Nuts and Seeds

Top 5 Nutritious Foods for Fat People

Almonds, Pine nuts and hemp seeds have weight losing properties. It was a misconception that eating nuts can increase fat content in your body. Nuts also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in obese people. Nuts contain large amount of calories in them but now the research has showed that obese people should include nuts and seeds in their diet.

5- Green tea


Green tea is a type of tea that is made from a plant named Camellia Sinensts Leaves. Drinking green tea helps reduce extra fat in a obese person. Fat people are at high risk of developing ischemic heart disease because high cholesterol content promotes athroma formation in the arteries and increases the risk of heart attack and other ischemic conditions. Green tea is one the the most important drink they can put in their daily diet routine. It burns extra fat.


Obesity and sedentary lifestyle are serious threats. They increases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Having good control over diet can help reduce obesity. Above mentioned items are beneficial for obese people. In the end i would like to mention a very motivate quote and tip that can help you.
Take breakfast like a king, meal like a Prince and dinner like a beggar.

Thank you!


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