Yoga Exercise | Tips and Poses


Yoga exercise is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices which keeps your body healthy, calm and happy. Yoga can be practiced at home and it has very healthy and beneficial effects on the body. The question arises that how to do yoga in a proper way. In this article we are going to tell you best way to practice yoga;

  • Time and Place


Perfect timing is key factor. Select the time you in which you want to practice yoga. Early in the morning and evening timings are best for yoga. Yoga at these times has refreshing affect on your body. You can manage your stress by practicing yoga at these times. Similarly a suitable place is also needed for yoga. You should assign a separate room in your house for yoga. A noise free place is the best place to practice yoga.

  • Things you need for Yoga Exercise

    Yoga Exercise | Tips and Poses

You need to take care of two important things before practicing yoga. First thing is comfortable and loose clothes for yoga. Avoid using heavy makeup and jewelry before yoga because these things will not allow your mind and body to relax. You need a relax body to take benefits from yoga. Second thing is warm up. Always do some warm up before practicing yoga. Yoga mat can also be used for proper sitting place.

  • Safety measures before doing Yoga

Some safety measures before yoga are;

  • Keep your stomach empty
  • Your clothes should be simple
  • Avoid makeup
  • Avoid noisy area
  • Do not make any wrong pose
  • Yoga Poses

Yoga poses are important because these are the key things before any kind of exercises. The best yoga poses are:

  1. Standing sideways
  2. Arm bending
  3. Twisting your back
  4. Reverse prayer pose
  5. Leg forward bent pose
  6. Butterfly pose
  7. Half back twist pose
  8. Bow pose
  9. Child pose
  10. Lying down pose
  • Post Yoga things

    Yoga Exercise | Tips and Poses

After doing yoga, give your body a chance to relax. This is very important to relax your muscles and nervous system. You can get tired after doing intense yoga practice if you do not make your body relax after yoga exercise.

  • Conclusion

Yoga is one of the best spiritual and physical practices you can do easily at your home. The thing important for you is regularity and determination. Practice yoga regularly twice or thrice a week and make your soul and body more calm and healthy.


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